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Mundka Fire: WSC’s Statement

Recently, a four-storey building in Mundka, Delhi went up in flames. Although on paper it was not registered as a manufacturing unit, over a hundred workers (half of them women) were employed to assemble and pack electronic equipment. Without requisite paperwork like a factory license, fire clearance or no-objection certificate from concerned authorities, this manufacturing… Continue Reading →

Exploring Socio-Political Factors Underpinning Mental Health

By Jahanbi Singh Introduction In a country where mental health is still discussed in hushed whispers and not over dinner table conversations, mainstream discourses on sociopolitical factors and their intersections with mental health are, as expected, rare. Although it is widely acknowledged that mental health is impacted by both nature (heredity) and nurture (environment), a… Continue Reading →

Abortion Laws and Surrounding Controversies: India & the World

By Jahanbi P. Singh and Kashvi Chaudhary  Introduction Abortions-or the medical termination of pregnancies– have long incited debates. Safe and legal means of abortions, along with post-abortion care, become crucial to ensure the sexual and reproductive health of people. However, the scathing attacks meted by the pro-life sect, restrictive abortion laws in many parts of… Continue Reading →

PCOS: Beyond Liberal Clamour

By Srushti Sharma Multitudinous approaches have been introduced and employed to understand the complexities and  the precise nature of an extremely relevant concept, explained and counter-explained by enthusiasts and activists from almost every discipline that deals with human interaction- gender. While some approaches view it as thoroughly embedded in the economic structures and closely linked… Continue Reading →

Voices of 7 Dalit and Adivasi Women in Post- Colonial India

By Annapurna Gender discrimination is a prevalent phenomenon which dictates the lives of millions of people. Women from marginalised communities face double the oppression. Gender intermixed with caste and class inequalities  amplifies the intensity of exploitation. However, the subaltern women don’t always accept their conditions as fate. They fight and resist. The resistance of Dalit… Continue Reading →

Illustration by Osheen Siva

 History of Queer Literature in India

By Jahanbi Singh “The moment passed in a heartbeat. But it did not matter. What mattered was that it existed. To be present in history, even as nothing more than a chuckle, was a universe away from being absent from it, from being written out of it altogether.”                        –Arundhati Roy, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness… Continue Reading →

Patriarchy within Gender

By Sehar Sabharwal “one is not born a woman, but, rather, becomes a woman.” Simone De Beauvoir Since times primordial, society has been built such that it benefits some while exploiting others. One of the most prominent characteristics of its being is the rise of patriarchy. In lucid elucidation, patriarchy originated from the dominance of… Continue Reading →

Violence against Women

By Anna Grace Mathew She sat in front of her vanity As she slowly took in her appearance Inspecting the damage caused by her husband’s drunken brutality That was slowly pushing her to the edge of her sanity. On the other part of her house, Where stayed her only companion, She opened her pearl like… Continue Reading →


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